Gusset Folders

Do you face difficulties organizing documents for your professional needs? If so, check gusset presentation folders available online. Gusset folders are suitable for every firm with growing business needs. These are popular in accounting firms, law firms, real estate companies, etc.

What exactly is a gusset?

A gusset creates two folds instead of a single fold in a presentation folder. A gusset is applied to a presentation folder’s flaps, which increases the pocket size. As a result more space is available to insert the documents.

Gusset folders from Pocket Folders & More

Pocket Folders & More offers gusset presentation folders online that let you store piles of paperwork. Choose the gusset size that matches your documentation needs. The common options include ¼” gusset pocket, 0.125” gusset pocket, and 1/8” gusset pocket.

The folders are available for 550 USD or less. Several folders also carry slits to store business cards.

You can get the folders printed with our multiple printing options for outside or inside. We also provide several coating or embossing options. Minimum order quantity for gusset folders is 250 folders or 500 folders, depending on the variant you have selected.

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance the efficiency of your documentation with this folder type available online.

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